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Blog Crew!

I don't really know what the hell these are, but ooh well!

Space space space space woooooot!

Every heart and mind can see,
China and Russia
Were meant to be

Every heart and mind can see,
& &
China and North Korea and Russia
Were meant to be

Axis Powers Hetalia :: North Korea

Axis Powers Hetalia :: South Korea

☆ミ with LOVE it's a small WORLD ☆彡
 China North Korea 


We drew a circle... and there was the Earth...
Axis Powers Hetalias North & South Korea

[France & Austria]
in this WORLD of LOVE

[Russia & China & North Korea]
in this WORLD of LOVE

Final Russia Photoshoot

These are pictures from my final Russia photoshoot for the time being, since I am in the process of selling the wig that I used in the shoot. Here are the pictures from that day.

That's all of them. I think they call came out really good. I really like that this will be the photoshoot that I will end with, for the time being.

The Past Is Never Dead Application

All applications go here as a comment


Name: (nickname or any name you'd like to be referred to as):
LiveJournal: (for contact purposes and to verify age)
E-mail Address: (for contact purposes)
MSN/YM/AIM: (and again, for contact purposes)


Character Name: (human/nation):
Image: (If applicable)

Age: (Note that most countries/nations were around before their "independence days"):
Apparent Age:
Physical Appearance: (Why do these qualities suit your character?)
-Hair color:
-Eye color:
-Skin color:
Scars or other Bodily Mark: (Why?)
Sensitive/Tender Areas: (Why? Are these good to bad? How does character feel if they are touched?)

-INTERNAL- (Explain why for all of the following)
Dreams about:
Nightmares about:
Overall Personality: (Why do these qualities suit your character?)

[Try to include the following extras:
[1. Add in the approximate appearance age your character would have at each stage and explain when there are any significant developments in appearance. i.e. Going from 10 to 16 in forty years.
[2. How the time period/event effected your character. (mentally, physically, etc.)
[3. How your character felt about the event/time period. Was it his/her favorite? Most hated? Something that inspired them? Something that caused them ruin? Etc.
[4. When/Where/How relations with other nations have changed.]

(Who is your character related to? How are they related? Why? How does your character feel about that family member? Use bullet points for each family member.)

What your country best known for, why, and how your character feel about this.
The historical figures that your characters loves/likes the most and why.
The historical figures your character hates/dislikes the most and why.

(Use narrative and some dialogue. This has to be in paragraph formate and at the very least 200 words long.)

(So we know that you have read all the rules, we need you to copy and paste the three phrases hidden in the rules and guideline section of the forum.)


Title: Korea?
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): North Korea and South Korea.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Twincest.
Summary: Umm, basically North Korea is lost in thought thinking about who is Korea, him or South Korea, or did Korea just die 60 years ago when they were split into two different governments.

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Selling MM Doujinshis

Yeah, I'm selling my small collection of MM doujinshis, because I don't read them, I don't even look at them, and I'm really falling out of MM, and I need money to finish my Russia cosplay.

All my doujinshis are kept with a cardboard box, holding them in place, wrapped in a bubble wrap package, and that package is inside the original package in which they were mailed in. In short, they are like new.

Well, here are the doujinshis that I am selling.

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Title: Tunguska
Author/Artist: Me (Saigocage)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): The main is Russia (Ivan) with appearances from Lithuania (Toris) and Japan (Kiku)
Rating: G
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Summary: Ivan talking about the inexplicable Tunguska explosion. Go Here if you want to know more about the events.

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